A White Wedding History

The first thing that comes to mind for nearly everyone when they hear the word wedding - the bride coming down the aisle in a beautiful white dress. White dresses have been part of the wedding tradition forever, right? Well, prepare to be surprised.

Many ancient cultures never wore white for weddings. Greeks were known to wear red or yellow veils to scare away evil spirits, Feudal England saw jewel tones - particularly blue - as the perfect gown color, and Chinese saw red as a sign of good luck. So, where did the white dress come into play?

While white had been the choice of the bride in some cultures, many people - US included - typically just wore their "Sunday best," as affording a dress just for one ceremony was out of the question. That all changed in 1840 when Queen Victoria's photos adorned media outlets as she married Albert of Saxe-Coburg. Victoria's dress of choice was an ornate, white gown, not a common outfit for that day as white was easy to stain and seen as a one-time-wear outfit. Once the Queen's dress made headlines, though, white became synonymous with money and marriage. Women across the world started flocking into dress shops for white dresses for the special day.

Now, while white has grown in popularity and became the main color of thought when it comes to wedding, many people are returning back to their cultural roots and having the dresses made from colorful cloths instead. Many Asian cultures are returning to red gowns, a sign of good luck and prosperity. In Africa, it is not uncommon to see brides wearing elegant gowns in bright colors to pay tribute to their native tribes. Even many Eastern European cultures have ornate and heavily woven and beaded dresses being displayed down the aisle. Even in the US, color has become a new thing, with brides wearing red, pink, blue, gold, or even black dresses for their big day.

It may be a great day for a white wedding, but will you go with the Victorian tradition, a rich cultural history, or forge your own path? No matter what you want to wear, we have you covered. You can check out our array of colorful wedding dresses in our Wedding Dresses section, letting you make your own path.

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