What to Wear when Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for a wedding dress is very, very exciting, but can be a bit overwhelming when you start making those appointments. Who goes with you? What styles should you try? And most important, what will you wear? Having gone through the wedding dress shopping experience myself, I know it can be a bit confusing on what works best. That's OK, you can learn from my mistakes!

Comfy, easy change clothing Sweats and a button up shirt are prefectly OK to take to the store. Unless you're headed to an upscale salon in Manhattan *cough cough*, most bridal dress stores will not criticize you for throwing on yoga pants, as long as you are clean. Having clothes you can get in and out of easily and a shirt that won't mess up your hair and and make up (if you have any on) will make the process a bit faster and will make you more comfortable at the end of the day.

Nudes are best Yes, I made this mistake - I wore blue underwear to an appointment not even thinking about it, and some of those dresses are a lot thinner than you think.... If you don't already have a favorite shapewear picked out, stick with nude colored underwear. While most dresses you won't see it in, some of the more form-fitting and beach/boho ones will reveal a bit more than you expected to your attending audience.

Keep the head simple Yes, you're trying on dresses, so you feel like you need to glam up, but the reality is simple is better. Not only will you be in and out of several dresses per appointment (causing messy hair and sweating), but when you put on make up to match your outfit, it may not match the dress you have on. Remember, your make up the day off will likely be drastically different than what you wear daily and will take quite a bit of direction based on your dress, so keep everything more simple when you're out looking to help give each dress the opportunity to shine.

Rock those heels Are you deadset on having 6" stilettos? Will flats be more your style? Maybe you're planning to go barefoot? Even if you don't have your exact shoe in mind, knowing roughly what you're going to wear will help tremendously. Go ahead and bring shoes that are similar to your dream shoes (you can put them on at the store, we don't mind). Different shoes will give you different postures and tighten and loosen areas, so wearing the right shoes can give you a better idea how the dress will work on you in the end, Plus, when ordering the dress, we'll need to know the height of your heel to make the dress fit you best.

Avoid Accessories Not only will we be stocked up with plenty of accessories for you to mix and match with your dress, but sometimes the accessories you bring won't work with what your dream dress is. Unless you have an important piece you just have to wear (Great Grandma's locket, Uncle Mike's watch, etc), minimizing the accessories can help you get a better vision of the dress and leave you with a more open concept to add what you think will work in your mind.

Wedding dress shopping can seem like a lot, but don't worry, we're here to help! Give us a call at 618-440-4YOU (4968) to schedule your next appointment. Our staff do not work on commission, so there's not extra pressure for you to buy right there, we just want to get you in the best dress for your day.

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