Is there any extra charge for plus or custom sizes?

Nope! Our dresses are priced as their priced. Why should you pay more just because you're not the same size as the woman next to you? Or because you have curves in different places?

Why do you only have 12-26W listed? Can we go bigger or smaller?

Definitely! We only list these sizes because some people find it easier to click a size than customizing. We try to encourage everyone to customize their dress (at no extra cost) to fit their body, because we know not everyone's is the same.

How will you know my measurements?

When you check out, we ask tell us in the order comments your bust, waist, hip, hollow to hem, and shoe height in inches. If we need other sizes (ie some dresses need arm width, nipple to nipple, measurements below the buttox, etc), we'll reach out to you to try to get the best fitting dress possible on the first go.

What do I wear to a fitting?

We recommend you wear your preferred shapewear (if you have one) and nude-colored undwear. If you are shy, we don't mind if you want to wear a tight, thin camisole, but keep in mind it may affect the measurements slightly.

Who should I bring to try on dresses?

Mom, grandma, bridal party, friends, fiance, or just yourself, we don't mind. We just ask you keep parties limited to 7 at most so we can make sure everyone has room to see you and you have room to spread out the dress.

Will I be pressured into buying?

Absolutely not! We do NOT want you to feel pressured. This is your special day, we don't want you to feel like you're not in love with your dress. We will ask you to envision, walk around, and experience the dress, but, in the end, we aren't you, and we can't say whether you love that dress or if it's the one. That also means we won't push you into a dress over your budget. We may make a suggestion close to your top line, but it's only if we think you'll love it.

How does the dress ordering process work?

When you order your dress, we'll ask for 50% down for a deposit. From there, we'll submit your measurements to our manufacturers and have your dress custom ordered. Orders usually take 2-3 months depending on the complexity of the dress. After the dress arrives, we inspect it personally to ensure everything appears accurate, then have you come in for a trial. As long as you still love your dress, you'll pay the remainder and you are set to go!

You don't have a dress on your site in the store. Can you get it for me to try on?